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PT. Almec Indonesia was founded in June 2012 by the management of PT. Teknik Lancar Mandiri, who has been in manufacturing business for over 30 years in Indonesia. The purpose is to have a team with a new concept dedicated to factory automation solutions. While PT. Teknik Lancar Mandiri business ranges from factory automation to general construction, PT. Almec Indonesia focuses on factory automation.

Collaboration with Foreign Principal

We also have extensive experience in assisting Foreign Principal to manage their projects in Indonesia. Our engineers are not only experts in their technical fields but also can communicate in languages such as English, Chinese and Japanese. From our extensive experience, we have the know-how in bridging Foreign Principal with Indonesian local resources to ensure a successful project.

Product Highlights

Our expertise offers a wide ranges of solutions, from Painting Line Equipment to Water Treatment solutions. Below are some of our products. More can be found in Our Expertise.

Painting Line

Painting booth for brake pad shoe. See more in Painting Line Equipment.


Floor ConveyorFloor Conveyor for car factory. See more details in Material Handling.

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With us you will be at the forefront of Indonesia manufacturing industry technology. We are a solution provider company where we design and manufacture industrial machinery. Please see Join Us for more details.